Option 1: Kaiser 3-in-1 Investment

Ang Kaiser ang recommended investment program namin dahil ito ay may healthcare, life insurance at investment na.  You should consider your healthcare and protection as a priority. Why? Even if you save a few hundred pesos a month, but no healthcare and life insurance, it will not take you far. When you get sick, disabled, or die suddenly, your savings won’t last very long. Getting long-term healthcare and life insurance are the best investments.

Option 2: MOST 18 Investment

Ang MOST 18 ay term insurance plus investment.  Income Protection/Life Insurance will protect your family if you die too soon. Life insurance protection can help you replace your income, help finance your children's education, pay estate tax, pay debts, etc. instantly.  Investment is the answer if you live too long. This will generate continuing income for you when you retire. It is your money working for you.

Option 3: IMG Soldivo Fund

A mutual fund allows the average person to have equal investment opportunities with the wealthy. You can earn what the wealthy are earning through a mutual fund.  Ang IMG Soldivo Fund ay pwedeng simulan online.